Hello Astro helps brands figure out what to say and how to say it.

A few stories we've helped tell:

A better, fairer alternative to the gig economy for TED Monterey 2021. // An innovative 'solar skin' for Google's new HQ. // Cohere: teaching machines how to understand language. // The co-founder of WeTransfer's new start-up to help you keep in touch with your inner circle. A new brand vision for Karl Lagerfeld (in a post-Karl world). // The influence of Bauhaus on our everyday lives for Google Arts & Culture. // Helping people make sense of AI. // A 100% recyclable adidas running shoe designed to be remade. // A very British fairytale for Burberry at Harrod's.

We're a creative brand strategy and marketing-communications consultancy focused on helping tech startups and established brands communicate their ideas to the world.

Let's get to work: justin@helloastro.co