Hello Astro helps brands figure out what to say and how to say it.


A narrative is the story you want to tell about your brand, product, or service. We write simple, compelling narratives that make it easy for people to understand who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Here's why we do what we do

Complex technology. Differing opinions. Lots of information. These are a few things that can make it challenging to land on a clear message. We can help you cut through the noise and define a narrative that connects with consumers, investors, team members, and even your lovely parents.

Here's the kind of stuff we do

Script Sprint

Create a video script to launch a new product (eg. rocket boots) or service (eg. rocket boot polishing).

Project Sprint

Define a narrative for a new product, service, or mission (eg. accelerating the world's transition to rocket boots).

Campaign Sprint

Develop an ad campaign for posters, billboards, or social media content (eg. try our new glow-in-the-dark rocket boots).

Our narrative sprints are based off Google's design sprint. Not just because we used to work there (and still do sometimes), but because they work. And they're fun. We can run these sprints remotely, at your office, or somewhere else with good vibes.

Here's the kind of stuff we've done

Launch films for different tech products like Google Duo and Apple Pay. Pitch decks that have helped startups get funding or helped ad and production agencies win new business. Product narratives for various AI projects at Google. Cool web experiences, campaigns, and installations for Nike, adidas, Burberry, and more.

And here's who we are

We're a two-person brand marketing-communications consultancy based in Amsterdam. Aleks is the Creative Strategist. Justin is the Creative Director. We both like black coffee, each other (we're married), and working with nice, smart people. Get in touch. It'll be fun.