Hello Astro helps brands figure out what to say and how to say it.

We're a creative brand strategy and marketing-communications consultancy focused on helping tech startups and established brands communicate their ideas to the world.

A few stories we've helped tell:

A better, fairer alternative to the gig economy for TED Monterey 2021.

An innovative 'solar skin' for Google's new HQ.

Cohere: teaching machines how to understand language.

The co-founder of WeTransfer's new start-up to help you keep in touch with your inner circle.

A new brand vision for Karl Lagerfeld (in a post-Karl world).

The influence of Bauhaus on our everyday lives for Google Arts & Culture.

A faster, easier, safer way to pay and get paid back with Apple Pay.

Helping people make sense of AI.

A 100% recyclable adidas running shoe designed to be remade.

A very British fairytale for Burberry at Harrod's.

A brand story is the narrative that a company tells the world about the how, what, and why behind its existence. Great ones can help brands connect with customers, services to users, ideas to investors, and products to everyday folks. But too often, companies struggle with how to convey their story in a meaningful way. We believe every company has a great one to tell. All they need sometimes is a little help finding it and writing it. That's where we come in.

Let's get to work: